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Beijing invests 214.9 billion yuan to improve people's livelihood


Beijing has invested a total of 214.9 billion yuan (US$ 31.69 billion) to improve citizens' well-being in the past five years. This registered an annual growth of over eight percent and accounted for more than 90 percent of the total government investment.

The investment was mainly made in public service, infrastructure, environment and other fields, according to a recent press conference held by the municipal government.

Beijing now has a total of 574 kilometers of rail transit in operation, with 285 kilometers under construction. The downtown areas see the rate of environment-friendly travel reach 71 percent. The city's air quality improved with the concentration of PM2.5 decreasing 9.9 percent year on year and the days of air quality meeting national standard increase by 12 days. The city's garbage recycling rate, sewage treatment rate and forest coverage rate reached 56 percent, 90 percent and 59.3 percent respectively

In 2016, Beijing shut down 55 poor-performing "zombie enterprises" and 335 general manufacturing and polluting enterprises. A total of 117 commodity trading markets were also closed. To reduce business cost, Beijing abolished 77 administrative approval items and 220 non-administrative approval items, and canceled 150 intermediate services, with a drop of 65 percent in review and approval items for enterprise.

Officials said that Beijing will continue to work on its weaknesses in traffic, air quality, alleyways, utility services, and renovation of the city landscape. Meanwhile, Beijing will continue to build a better housing system that gives equal weighting to purchase and renting, effectively managing housing needs and increasing housing supply.

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