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Chinese Zodiac


Venue: National Centre for the Performing Arts - Theatre

Dates: July 21-22, 2017


According to the Chinese legend, there is a “Sleeping Mountain” described in Shan Hai Jing (a compilation of mythic geography and myth), which has been sleeping for hundreds of millions of years. In order to find time with life, Twelve zodiacs all arrive at the foot of the mountain. They believe that once they have reached the top, time would be infused with life, and Sleeping Mountain will be awake.


Mountain Deity

Messengers (Day/Night)

Twelve Animals

Prelude: Call

I. Dream

II. Shout

III. Change

IV. Awaken

Finale: Absorption


Playwright/Director: GAOYAN Jinzi

General Set Designer: LIU Xinglin

Lighting Designer: XING Xin

Music: LIAO Jiawei, GUO Sida, GAO Chong

Costume/Style Designer: ZHONG Jiani

Multimedia Designer: HU Tianji

Technical Director: LI Xin

Assistant Director: GONG Zhonghui

Rehearsal Directors: LI Yimeng, CHEN Zihao

Choreographer/Presenter: Beijing Modern Dance Company


Mountain Deity: GAOYAN Jinzi

Messenger (Day): XING Long

Messenger (Night): YU G uojun

Rat: LI Yimeng

Ox: YUAN Shibo

Tiger: SU Pinwen

Rabbit: XIAO Fuchun

Dragon: GE Junyi

Snake: LUO Tian

Horse: ZHU Fengwei

Goat: WANG Yilin

Monkey: CHEN Zihao

Rooster: ZHOU Xinyu

Dog: GONG Zhonghui

Pig: WANG Xing


Beijing Modern Dance Company

Founded in 1995, BMDC has received national and international acclaim from audiences, critics and experts alike for its diverse repertoire, one that integrates the traditional culture of China with influences from abroad. In over a decade of existence, BMDC has been at the forefront of developing contemporary arts within China, as well as bringing "the face of modern China" to the rest of the world.

The Company regularly performs throughout Europe, Asia, Australia, North and South America, and at such festivals as the Berlin Art Festival, la Bienniale di Venezia, the Bahia Festival in Brazil, the Singapore Arts Festival, and Korea's Chang Mu International Dance Festival.

BMDC has been praised by The People's Daily as "an amazing chapter in Chinese modern dance history." The New York Times called BMDC "the most prominent of Chinese modern dance troupes." France's Le Figaro raved BMDC as "a top international company".


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