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Nine-coloured Deer


Venue: Multi-functional Theatre

Dates: July 21-22, 2017


The dance drama The Nine-coloured Deer is produced and performed by ZHANG Yashu, a young Chinese dancer. The drama is created by a team of excellent Chinese young dancers. With their elegant body language, they lead the audience into the world of Dunhuang on the Silk Road, telling the legend of the nine-coloured deer.

This work derives from No. 257 Dunhuang Grotto frescoes The Figure of Nine-coloured Deer, which is regarded as one of extant and the most complete Dunhuang frescoes. In the 1980s, The Figure of Nine-coloured Deer was shot into the cartoon The Nine-coloured Deer and it became a household classic story.


Executive Presenter: ZHANG Yashu

Artistic Director: LIU Zhongbao

Dunhuang Artistic Consultants: LI Jiazhen, HOU Liming

Script Adapters: ZHANG Yashu, TANG Chenglong

Director/Choreographer: TANG Chenglong

Costume Designer: HAN Bingbing

Lighting Designer: LIU Tongchun

Style Designer: JIA Lei

Photographer: LIU Haidong

Set Designer: YANG Xiaoran


The Nine-coloured Deer: ZHANG Yashu

The Snake Hunter: GENG Zibo

The Queen: WANG Yuan

The King: LIU Xin


ZHANG Yashu: Executive Presenter/Producer/Lead Dancer

As an excellent Chinese young terpsichorean, she is the first Chinese female terpsichorean to appear in The Kennedy Center Opera House in the US, she performed the Chinese large-scale dance drama The Female Embroider, as the protagonist. She was awarded the golden prize of National “Tao Li Cup” Dance Contest, the bronze prize of National Dance Contest, the excellent performance award of National “Lotus Cup” Dance Contest, etc.

Her main dance works include pas de deux Mingfeng, Stunner and Touchness, solo dance Afterwards, Black Wing and Moon Light, etc.

She has starred in dance drama works inlcuding Xishi, Jasmine, The Kingdom and the Beauty, Red River Valley, Ābǐng, The Female Embroider and The Flowers of War, etc.


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