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6.3 Billion Yuan Reached on BITE 2017


A closing ceremony of the Beijing International Tourism Expo (BITE) was held on June 18, 2017. The expo lasted 3 days during which great efforts have made. The expo attracted companies from over 80 countries and regions, and domestic companies from 28 provinces and buyers. More than 40,000 professional visitors took part in over 3600 forums, meetings and promotion events. The deals reached about 6.3 billion yuan, which increased 6.8% compared to last year. The expo was really hot among customers. 150 thousand people visited the expo and 100 thousand of them bought tourism products. The sale volume came up to 110,000,000 yuan and increased 18% compared to last year.

BITE 2017 was held successfully in the following aspects.

Firstly, the expo focused on the integration development of Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei. It set up Beijing-Tainjin-Hebei exhibition area and invited the Tianjin Tourism Bureau and the Hebei Provincial Tourism Bureau. Over 60 tourism agencies and companies from Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei Provinces displayed their tourism resources and products.

Secondly, the expo promoted the inbound tourism market development efficiently. Before the opening, the sponsor Beijing Municipal Commission of Tourism Development invited more than 100 International buyers from the main inbound tourist source regions such as Europe, North America. During the expo, about 2500 meetings were held between the international buyers and domestic exhibitors during which deals cost near 3 billion yuan were made. In addition, the Inbound Tourism Seminar discussed tourism policy strategy and the trend of inbound tourism market development. Besides, the international buyers were organized to do field work, which helped promote Beijing tourism.

Thirdly, the business area were extended. Educational tourism, medical tourism, aging tourism and outdoor leisure tourism were added based on the traditional tourism items. The hotels and resorts display was introduced for the first time. The Beijing International Tourism Expo transferred into multi-functional expo comprised more areas including planning, investment, media, culture, sports and medicine.

Fourthly, the expo offered more professional service. OPSA system was used by the committee. It provided a convenient and quick business online platform for both exhibitors and buyers, which helped both sides to get adequate understanding of their potential customers. Thus it largely reduced the distance between exhibitors and buyers, with productivity much improved in the exhibition.

BITE 2017 provided a professional and high quality platform for tourism industry dealers all over the world. Organized since 2004, ithas beenmore professional, influential and efficient, attaining a quality ranking in the world, and becoming an important and influential platform for tourism networking and business transactions.


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