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Wudaoying: Beijing’s Hipster Heaven


Since the brutal colonization of Nanluogu Xiang by tourist traps and souvenir shops, Wudaoying Hutong has evolved into Beijing’s newest trendy hangout. Bounded by Yonghegong Lama Temple on the east and Andingmen Inner Avenue on the west, Wudaoying was a major commercial, cultural and political center in Beijing for more than 700 years.

During the Qing dynasty, Wudaoying became a military outpost used to protect the inner city. After periods of relative peace and stability, soldiers began to settle the hutong.

Years ago, the city government designated Dongcheng as one of the four core zones of the capital. As Wudaoying is located in this zone, it has received support from the government to renovate the hutong as a pedestrian street.

Vineyard Cafe

As the first store to open in Wudaoying Hutong, Vineyard Cafe was the only reason many of the hutong’s first visitors came.

Enjoy a full English breakfast on a workday, catch brunch on the weekend or just stop by for cocktails and wine in the evening.

Vineyard Cafe

(010) 6402 7961

93 yuan on average

Reservations are a must.

Saffron Restaurant

Two young couples returned from study abroad and give up their careers to open Saffron. The restaurant has become famous for its paella and snacks.

Be sure to order the Spanish seafood paella and try the mushrooms fried in olive oil. The appetizer of bread with chicken liver pate is also good.

Saffron Restaurant

(010) 8404 4909

201 yuan on average

Be aware that you are allowed to bring your own drinks. Make a reservation if you are going on the weekend.


Dessert Cafe & Bar

Don’t expect a conversation with the owner. She only likes eavesdropping. Any cakes that is not eaten during the day become half price or free at night, so try to stop by late on.

Dessert Cafe & Bar

(010) 6402 1016

43 yuan on average

The shop’s durian cakes and tiramisu come highly recommended.


A couple of tea lovers opened this courtyard to serve fine Chinese teas. They are knowledgeable about tea culture and can introduce teas and their preparation in Chinese and English. They are also a solid source of information on Old Beijing’s hutong culture.

Women should not miss the fruit tea in summer. The sweet and sour drink is steeped with rose petals, which purportedly help to maintain one’s beauty.

If you dislike your first cup of tea, swap it for another tea of the same price. The store closes at midnight so don’t plan on staying too late.


(010) 8404 9341

60 yuan per cup



Opened by the French female cyclist Yiquan, Natooke is now a communication platform for fixed gear bike lovers. You can even make your own fixed gear bike at the shop.

Fixed gear bicycles are quite different from what you may be used to. Don’t buy in without getting more information from the experienced staff.


(010) 8402 6925

3,000 yuan on average


Save As

Owner Guan Wei opened this store to preserve fragments of Beijing’s traditional life. Save As sells old time ceiling fans, old-fashioned furniture and old television. “We need these touchstones to refresh and sustain our memories,” Guan said.

Stop in and check out some of the pop culture artifacts from the Republican Era.

Save As

Noon – 10:30 pm, Wednesday to

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