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Musical Instrument Street of Xinjiekou Subdistrict


If the above-mentioned Liulichang is the representative of bustling musical instrument streets in Beijing in 1990s, now the musical instrument street of Xinjiekou Subdistrict enjoys greatest popularity and the most complete musical instruments in Beijing.

To get there, walk north along the Xinjiekou South Street on which the crossing of Huguosi Street lies. You will see as many as 46 musical instrument shops including Xiangrui Shenghua Musical Instruments, Meiyin Pavilion and SOLO Musical Instrument Shop, scattering like stars on the both sides of the street. Along the street, snatches of melody of the electronic music float on the air from these shops. Sometimes, the shopkeepers will play the Erhu personally. The crowded street is thus endowed with the soul of culture.

As you walk on the street, you can see some young men, sitting in the musical instrument shops with electric guitars, pluck the strings to distinguish whether the tone color is bright enough and electric guitars can provide a wide range of notes. To drum up business, some shopkeepers even begin to play their best music. And then the street is surrounded by music.

Address: Xinjiekou South Street, Xicheng District.


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