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The Place


Compared with the first two streets introduced before, the Place is definitely the youngest and most vigorous modern street. It is located at the east side of Dongdaqiao Road of Yingbin Avenue. It is close to multiple A-list office buildings like Guomao and Kerry Center, and premium apartments like WTO international apartment and Xincheng international. Moreover, it is a gateway to the west zone of CBD in Beijing and has been appointed as a key government project by the government of Chaoyang District. In addition, it has become a demonstration commercial street of CBD.

In the Palace, the galleria is entirely made of stones, which looks modern and elegant at the same time. In the air, there is a LED sky screen, which is the very first in Asia and the third largest in the world. A total of 250 million yuan were used to build the 250m-long and 30m-wide canopy. It is designed by Jeremy Railton, who has earned the Oscar Award and four Emmy Awards.

Here, we have elegant sunken plaza, modern pedestrian street, fashion and comfortable shopping environment, and dazzling and magnificent sky screen. Every visitor would be absorbed in fairy tales and the visual feast provided by the screen. Here, you can lose track of time and space, and enjoy the optimistic, healthy and pleasing lifestyle of yourself.

Address: Close to Kerry Center, north side of Dongdaqiao Road, No. A9, Guanghua Road, Chaoyang District.


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