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Nightman Club

There are discos, bars and KTV in Nightman Club. Nightman Club is opened in 1994, and thus becomes one of the earliest at home and the most influential disco squares. It has received millions of customers at home and abroad, and stylish consumers and foreigners are deeply impressed. In 2003, Nightman Club was redecorated into a special and unique place with shining professional lighting and audio equipment with 3D audio effects to enable you to experience the strong visual shock.

Address: southwest corner of China International Exhibition Center (the west of Radisson Blu Hotel or Jing An Center)

Lego Town of Chaoyang Park

Lego Town of Chaoyang Park, authorized by China, is the largest experience franchise store and provides the best experience of Lego and the most complete products. Lego Town offers characteristic, professional and interesting lessons for children from three years old to 16 years old, and helps them discover and explore the world and open the innovation world for them. In the open and free learning space, children can use their imagination and creativity, further explore their potential, enjoy the endless joy brought by studying, improve their ability to solve problems, develop the creative thinking, promote the ability to communicate and cooperate, and strength the integrative competence for acquiring new knowledge and exploring science and technology field.

Address: No.2 Building, Chaoyang Park, No.1, Chaoyang Park South Road, Chaoyang District

Fun Island Entertainment Club

Firstly, Fun Island Entertainment Club, centering on national fitness of the community and developing community spiritual civilization, opens a 1,200-m2 roller skating rink featuring the youthful charm. It can encourage the youth to strength the mind, enhance physical fitness and improve the overall quality of your body. Secondly, in accordance with national fitness, the balls for middle aged and elderly people in the morning and evening are opened. And modern brands are arranged to cheer them up. Thirdly, the comfortable billiards rooms and snooker pool rooms are also built to cultivate people’s taste.

Address: No.10, Tuanjiehu Dongli, Chaoyang District


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