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Sale Volume of Tourism Agencies Increases Greatly on 3rd Day


The Beijing International Tourism Expo came to the last day on June 18. According to the report, the sales were better compared to them in last year.

Liu Mengran, the Public Relationship Manager of U-tour introduced that on the first day of BITE 2017, the sale volume of U-tour reached over 10 million yuan, which increased a lot compared to it in last year. She mentioned that they provided various special offers such as discount and raffle for visitors. Besides, more than 200 travel advisors served for visitors. Many types of tour products were recommended to visitors. Among their products, the tours in countries along the “Belt and Road” including Russia and Malaysia were most popular.

The Chief of Tuniu in Beijing said that their products definitely attracted visitors’ attention and the sale volume increased greatly.

The Head of Tongchenglvyou Beijing mentioned that, the sale volume came up to 6 million yuan on the second day of the expo. They offered mixed products for visitors. A

ccording to their data, the tours in Europe and Australia were most popular products. As for the customers, the old people were main customers buying leisure tourism products.

The leader of the China Comfortable Travel (CCT) said that, the sale volume in the two days was much larger than it in last year, which was exceeded their expectation. The CCT brought 5 sets to sell on the expo. For example, the customers could enjoy a tour in Taiwan for free after buying a 11-day Europe Tour with only 5999 yuan.


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