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The Longest and Shortest Hutongs in Beijing


The Longest Hutong - Dongjiaominxiang

When mentioning Hutongs in Beijing, the first impression comes to your mind can be ancient hostels of gray walls and green tiles. However, as the longest Hutong in Beijing, the Dongjiaominxiang left a valued footstep in Chinese modern history with the large-scale and numerous architectural complex of western style. The Lane locates at the center of Dongcheng District, starting east from Chongwenmen and ending west at east side of Tian’anman Square with full length around 1.6 kilometers. If we add Xijiaominxiang, the whole length will be 3 kilometers.

The Shortest Hutong - A Foot Street

A Foot Street is the shortest Hutong in Beijing. There are 114 hutongs remaining the texture in the end of Ming and earlyQing dynasty in Dashilar. In cultural and historic complex in Dashilar, A Foot Street, former name of the west section of Yandaixie Street that links with East Glass Street. There were 6 shops, among which 3 were lettering shops while the other 3 were a Bar, a Smithy and a Barbers’.

A Foot Street, being a landmark, is to attract people’s attention on Hutongs and old Beijing culture. Although named by street, it is actually the shortest Hutong in Beijing with length of around 30 meters instead of one foot.


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