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Mansion of Prince Chun

Mansion of Prince Chun was the residence of Yun You, the 7th son of Emperor Kangxi who was given the title of Prince Chun at the first year of era of Yongzheng. The Mansion was then constructed. Born into deformity, Yun You never participated in any parties and groups struggling for thrones. Instead, he listened to the Emperor and observed his duty, which won the appraisal from Yongzheng.

It is now the Beijing’s key cultural relic unit under protection.

Location: No. 5 Courtyard, West Side of Zhengyi Rd., Dongjiaomin Lane, Dongcheng District

Mansion of Prince Rui - The Regent

There is a Mansion of Prince Rui locating at Foreign Ministry Street. It was the new mansion after Dorgon’s regain of inheritance in the era of Qian Long. It is a large-scale one and once possessed over 500 rooms. Buildings in its center include the East and West Buildings of Wing, Hall of Silver and Safety, Er’dao Gate, Inventory of Immortals and Hall of Safety and Blessing. All these building form a picture of tiny Forbidden City. In the west side stand the garden of mansion and in the east are Religious Hall, Great Kitchen, Room of Lanterns and Drama Stage. At the outdoor of the mansion are horse stable and garage.

Ticket: Free of Charge

Opening: Whole Day

Location: No. 31, Legation Street, Dongcheng District, Beijing


Page One Bookstore

Page One Bookstore

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