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Elegant Traditional Architecture


Mansion of Princess He Jing

Mansion of Princess He Jing was the gift mansion after the marriage of princess He Jing, the 3rd daughter of Emperor Qianlong. It covers an area of more than 1,000 square meters and this four-entrance mansion composed of 5 layers of buildings, presenting a layout of rectangle. All buildings were constructed according to the level of mansion from the whole scale to individual one. There are three front gates with each flanked with a pair of stone lions. The first layer has three hallways while the second layer has five guest halls and the third has five bedroom halls. The three layers are all covered with roll roofing tiles. At north side of the mansion stand seven elegant Houzhao buildings.

Location: No. 7, Zhangzizhong Rd., Dongcheng District, Beijing (former Tieshizi Hutong)

Mansion of Baylor Lien Tao

Mansion of Baylor Lien Tao, also called Mansion of Prince Yu, was the residence of Yun Yu, the 15th son of Emperor Kangxi. In the 28th year of era of Guang Xu, the 7th son of the Prince Chun, Zai Tao was adopted by Prince Zhong and then relocated here after inherited the title of Baylor. It is primitive and elegant with traditional style of architecture where tree are green and verdant. The Mansion is one among the top 3 buildings blending both Western and Eastern style in Beijing.

Location: No. 13, St. Liuyin, Xicheng District, Beijing


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