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Gaoxing Hotpot in Haidian


Gaoxing Hotpot is one of Beijing’s most popular hotpot restaurants. It’s famous for its good service, reasonable prices and Old Beijing flavor. Like many hotpot restaurants, Gaoxing allows diners to order half portions of most dishes so they can try more foods without wasting any. The basic soup pot is the typical Yuanyang style with both spicy and mild broths.

The lamb is fresh and soft but still a little chewy. A full portion is enough for three persons, and the beef servings are equally ample. The xiahua, balls made of beaten shrimp and fish, is popular and comes in large potions.

In addition to meat, Gaoxing serves duck and pig blood and other vegetables.

Gaoxing’s most ordered food is its cod cheese balls, a house special. A plate comes with eight balls made by wrapping cod meat around a cheese filling. While cheese and fish might seem like an odd combination, the flavor is especially fresh. Similar balls made of crab meat are also popular.

Gaoxing Budai is another popular house special. As its name might suggest, the ingredient is a plate of “bags” woven from tofu. Most people like to put the bags in at the start of the meal so they can absorb as much of the broth as possible.

As an Old Beijing restaurant, Gaoxing also serves traditional Beijing shaobing and cold suanmei juice to balance out the spicy and greasy hotpot.

Other Beijing snacks like matuan, fried sticky rice balls rolled in sesame seeds, are also served. Expect to pay about 300 yuan for a party of four.

Gaoxing Hotpot

11 am-11 pm

Jia 20, Zhichun Lu, Haidian District (010) 8235 6062

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