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Four New Micro-parks in Xicheng District (2)


In order to beautify the urban environment and improve lives of common people, Xicheng District of Beijing City develops green leisure space construction in ways such as leaving space for greening, removing illegal buildings for greening and greening along with roads. At the same time of taking efforts to find out the urban space, it combines leisure space and regional history and landscape building and cultural heritage, to change the marginal land, gore vacant lands to leisure sites with green scenes, flowers, historic cultures and characteristics, including the 4 micro-parks opened at present.

Yijunyuan Micro-park

Characteristic: dynamics

Situated in the east part of Huichengmen Bridge and the south side of East Lianhuachi Road, Yijunyuan is a long and narrow region between the urban main road and the railway, with total east-west length of 600 m and green area of about 7700 m2, wide in the east and narrow in the west. The park is designed to try its best to satisfy the using requirements of residents of the region and improve the overall landscape environment quality of the region by means such as creating green space, enriching service facilities, introducing cultural elements and increasing activity contents. It is planned that the green land construction in the east part will be completed in 2017 and the green space planning is totally realized with the construction and completion of the apartment for the single project of the south part.

East Chunshu Alley

Characteristic: memory of the site

Chunshu Alley is situated in Chunshu Street region in Xicheng District, with south-north length of 267m, average east-west width of 10 m and transformation area of about 2650m2. The history of Chunshu Alley during 600 years can be described as a sentence: the art street with opera, poems, trees and flowers. According to the practical situation of the site, the cultural characteristic is taken into consideration during the design, which extends the historical context and embodies the site memory. The landscape structure is planned as: one-line, three-point and multiple-embodiment. It is a leisure resort with petty environment for surrounding residents.


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