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Most Romantic Campsites in Beijing


Early summer is the best time for camping in the wild. It is an amazing experience to be close to nature with your family or friends at this time.

Qinglong Lake Park

The Qinglong Lake Park is only 20 kilometers away from Beijing. It is the nearest “clean water” to the capital. The ecological environment of the park is great. Flocks of white swans and wild ducks inhabit the lake. More importantly, you can enjoy on-site barbecue offered by the park. Tourists can camp and cook in the open barbecue area. Other facilities such as tables, chairs and umbrellas can be borrowed from the park.

Nanhaizi Park

Nanhaizi Park comprises the largest wetland in Beijing. The park was once the imperial hunting ground of the Liao, Jin, Yuan, Ming and Qing Dynasties, but now it is a good place to enjoy a private holiday. The lake in the park is beautiful in summer. It cannot be more comfortable to pitch a tent and take sunbathe on the bank. The park will have you distracted not only feeding deer but also beholding the great variety of wild birds such as ducks, black swans and peacocks. It is certain to be a vivid and unforgettable experience for you and friends, one which cannot be had at the zoo.

Xiangshui Lake

Located in the west of the Mutianyu Great Wall of Huairou district in Beijing, Xiangshui Lake is a natural valley which extends to the Great Wall, ancient caves, mountains and rivers, springs, ponds and waterfalls. Mountains and fantastic rocks lie on the two sides of the valley. The Great Wall has experienced the vicissitudes of life, but shows as it would have looked originally. Composed of grand walls and towers, the spectacular Great wall stands straight like a dragon. There is a spring in the valley at the back of the Mutianyu section of the Great Wall, which is suitable for camping. However, campers need to make a reservation with the park in advance.

Baihebao Reservoir

As the third reservoir in Beijing, Baihebao Reservoir also provides drinking water for Beijing. You don’t need to worry about the water if you camp out at the place. It also features a beacon tower and relics of the Great Wall in the Ming dynasty on the two sides of the Baihebao Reservoir.

Huangsongyu Reservoir

Huangsongyu Reservoir sits at the foot of the northeastern section of the Great Wall in Pinggu district in Beijing. There are scenic spots such as Water in the Cave and Yixiantian (strip of sky above a deep slit). The Huangsongyu Reservoir is a perfect place for camping. The spring water in the area is potable. The bank of the reservoir can accommodate hundreds of tents at a capacity of 300 to 500 people at one time. Light the campfire and have a sleepless night!

Jiugukou Natural Scenic Area

Located in the Huaibei Town of the Huairou district in Beijing, Jiugukou Natural Scenic Area is about 80 kilometers away from Beijing. It has the largest camping ground in Beijing. 85% of the mountain area is covered by forests and inhabited by animals and birds. The scenic area is circled by rivers, valley and mountains topped by the Great Wall. Visitors can set camp here, take BBQ or go fishing. Although the place is not far away from the city, you can escape from the hustle and bustle of the city and enjoy a starry sky.

Lingshan Mountain

Characterized by nature reserve and natural landscape, Lingshan Natural Mountain Scenic Area has the highest peak in Beijing. Visitors can camp at the grassland at the top of the mountain. Camping at the highest site in Beijing! How exciting! A good windproof tent is needed because it is cold and windy on the mountain. Visitors also need to pay more attention to safety.

Labagoumen National Forest Park

Located in the Huairiou district in Beijing, Labagoumen National Forest Park is known as the “back garden of Beijing” and  “Natural Oxygen Bar”. The forest is covered by lush poplars and white birches, and inhabited by roe deer, pheasants and hares. The area is characterized by the mysterious original virgin forests, a rare sea of clouds in Beijing, the Phoenix Stand scenic area with a large number of historical sites and a unique summer glacier. Campers will have a closer relationship with nature at this place.

Yunmengshan Forest Park

Situated at Bolimiao Town in the north of Huairou district in Beijing, Yunmengshan Forest Park is about 100 kilometers away from the city center. Mountains and rivers, vast area of forest, fantastic rocks and small waterfalls make up the breathtaking scenery of the park. It is a good choice to camp at the mountain.

Simatai Reservoir

Simatai Reservoir is located above the Xiaotang River, the branch of Chaohe in Simatai village, northeast of Miyun district in Beijing. The Simatai Reservoir is also known as “Mandarin Duck Lake ” as the lake is made up by two springs with cold and hot water. The big contrast of the water makes the lake different from other lakes in Beijing. The lake is warm in winter while cool in summer, which makes it suitable for camping all year round.


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