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Chinese Ethnic Culture Park



As a State AAAA Tourist Area, the Chinese Ethnic Culture Park is located inside the Olympic Green, at Minzuyuan Road, Chaoyang District. Also known as the China Nationalities Museum, it is a large-scale humanities tourist attraction in the category of Anthropology Museum, which integrates the recovery, collection, exhibition, research and display of cultures, heritage relics and social life of all 56 Chinese ethnic groups.The China Nationalities Museum covers an area of 28.2 hectares, and has collected more than 100,000 cultural relics and supplies. Its main exhibition hall totals 6000 square meters, where the histories and cultures of all Chinese ethnic groups are on show, highlighting the living characteristics of the common people. The China Nationalities Museum is located in the Chinese Ethnic Culture Park, which reproduces and reconstructs ethnic buildings.


The traditional festivals, dance recitals, handicrafts, catering, sports event, tournaments and other cultural activities, large-scale international cultural events, international conferences and other exchange activities, Dragon Boat Festival, Mid-Autumn Festival and other tourism and leisure activities are successively staged in the Chinese Ethnic Culture Park every year. As a result, tourists step into the Great Family of the Chinese Nation so as to understand and appreciate the colorful Chinese cultures and ethnic customs.

Travel Tips

Barrier-free facilities and services: barrier-free parking lots, ticket offices, entrances and exits, toilets and passageways.


Address: 1, Minzuyuan Road, Chaoyang District

Opening hours: 08:00-18:30(May to October); 08:30-18 00(December-April)


Take Bus 113/645 and get off at Minzuyuan Stop;

Take Bus 407/839 and get off at Aotiximen Stop;Take Bus 653/849/944/21/740/939/840/386/737/804/827/753/656/836/983 and get off at Beichenlu Stop.


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