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Three food waste treatment plants to run in 2017


Three food waste treatment plants are under construction in Haidian, Fengtai and Shunyi respectively and expected to run by the late of 2017. Once the three plants are in operation, Beijing can raise its capacity to handle the food waste from 2,000 tons daily to 2, 800 tons daily.

Food waste treatment system has been applied to dispose the food waste in Beijing. Each food waste treatment system can dispose 500 kilogram food waste daily and transform the food waste into organic fertilizer.

According to the related policy, the governmental canteens which have 1,000 square meters and cater for 1000 people daily can install food waste treatment system. The Beijing government gives fiscal subsidy to promote food waste treatment system. The amount of fiscal subsidy depends on the daily capacity of the government canteen in disposing the food waste, ranging from 320 thousand yuan (US$46.4 thousand)to 1.346 million yuan(US$195 thousand).

Another two food waste treatment plants which are located in Tongzhou and Mentougou are also in construction, and will start to run by 2018.

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