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Beijing to suspend construction of glass walkways


A tourism official in Beijing said the capital will suspend the construction of glass walkways as it is not clear who is responsible for ensuring they are of a safe standard, reported Beijing Morning News.

Walkways, bridges, and viewing platforms made of glass, including those on high cliffs, are becoming popular at many tourism sites in China to attract visitors.

However, Song Yu, director of the Beijing Municipal Commission of Tourism Development, said it remains unclear who will be responsible for supervising the safety of the growing number of glass structures, so their construction will be suspended for now.

Scenic areas that already have such facilities installed need to introduce sound safety management systems and be clear about their responsibilities, added Song.

The official also said safety will be a core concern in evaluating and grading hotels and scenic spots, which may face high fines in cases where safety protocols are violated.

Beijing also plans to work with third parties to increase safety in the tourism sector.


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