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Tanzhe Temple is Older than Beijing


According to legend, Huayan Zen Master passed Jiafu Temple (The used name of Tanzhe Temple) when he was riding on a dragon in 1,500 years ago. He saw there was 9 mountains which look like 9 dragons, so he decided to expand the Buddhism here rather than travel around.

When he decided to built Tanzhe Temple, one black dragon came out of the lake and stand in the way. The master known that the dragon is sinfulness so he came out of an idea to beat the dragon.

Built in the West Jin dynasty, the Tanzhe temple has a history of more than 1700 years. It is the oldest temple in Beijing and this is why there is a saying “The Tanzhe Temple is older than Beijing”.

Liubei Pavilion

Yixuan Pavilion, also called Liubei Pavilion, was built in the Qing dynasty by Qianlong Emperor. This kind of pavilion only built in the emperor garden in ancient times, so the pavilion in Tanzhe Temple is rare and precious.


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