Shuangxiu Park


Shuangxiu Park is located in Beitaipingzhuang in Xicheng District. It was built jointly by China and Japan. There are actually two gardens in one park: Huifang Garden of Japanese style and Cuishi Garden of Chinese style. The park covers an area of 64,000 square meters only, but the design is unlike that of traditional Chinese gardens.

Huifang Garden, the Chinese Style Garden, is of verdant trees and poetical grassland with pavilions, streams and artistic sculptures. The zigzag paths and bridges, plus fountain make quite another scene. There is also a children's playground to amuse children.

Cuishi Garden is designed in Japanese style, the rockeries and building materials in this garden are given by Japan. The garden is simple and classic, Japanese style flat buildings are against hills and facing the lakes. Turtle Island and Crane Island in the pool are symbolizing auspicious.

Address: No. 20 Beisanhuanzhong Road, Haidian District

Bus Route: take bus No. 104, 201, 345, 727, 331, 300 and 830 to get there


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