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Beijing Tianchi Scenic Area


Tianchi means the pool in heaven. Beijing Tianchi Scenic Area is built on top of the Python Mountain with an altitude of 568 meters and 4,500,000 cubic meters of water. The lake water is emerald green, and the grass on the banks are dense like a carpet surrounding the pool. You may watch the faraway places leaning against the railings or sit down having a good rest. You can also ascend to the top of the ancient pagoda on top of the mountain, watching the ancient city.

Tianchi Valley Scenic Area features beautiful water, swelling waves, a deep valley and grotesque mountain peaks. The place named Xiasongling has dense woods, where there are grotesque peaks and perilous paths; and the valley named Listening to the Waves features gurgling streams, which run all year round. Tourists visit the site can see flowers in three seasons and views all year round.

Getting there: At 7:20, take Bus No. 936 to Tianchi Xiagu or Bus No. 916 to The Third Middle School of Huairou, transfer to the minibus to Fengning (丰宁) to Tianchi.


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