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3 places of interest to visit in Beijing This Winter


Visiting Beijing in winter is one of the ideals of many from around the world. If you have come here in winter, where are you going to visit? Lots of choices for sure! Among these choices are three places of interest worth going to during this cold season: Jingshan Park, Shichahai Scenic Area and Weiming Lake at Peking University.

Jingshan Park

If you are interested in Chinese history, you will surely pay a visit to the Forbidden City, where, you know, 24 Chinese emperors once lived and ruled the whole country during the Ming and Qing dynasties. Yet, it is not in full grace and art in winter, what makes your trip in Beijing more interesting should be the park behind the Forbidden City: Jingshan Park, where you can have a panoramic view of the Forbidden City and see the beautiful sunset as well.

Shichahai Scenic Area

Maybe you haven’t heard of the name of this site, but this place has been popular with numerous people visiting Beijing during the winter season, most probably because of the ice rinks on the lakes there. These ice rinks usually open in late December and will last to February early March. Many different kinds of ice facilities are available and many young and old people gather. It is a heart-warming place to visit in the cold season.

Weiming Lake

In China, Peking University is the oldest university, which opened in the late Qing dynasty and is famous for the birthplace of the May Fourth Movement. It is closely connected to academy and scholars. Therefore, nearly everything inside it becomes admirable, including a small man-made pond Weiming Lake, which looks beautiful even during the winter season.


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