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Liyuan Library


Liyuan Library (篱苑书屋) is located in a little town of Huirou district on the outskirts of Beijing. The library can provide a free reading space for both the locals and tourists. It also serves as a serene resort for tourists who enjoy the beauty of the cabins in the mountain. The specialty of this library lies in that it is surrounded by mountain ranges and streams and the building itself naturally merges into the surrounding beautiful environment.

Liyuan Library began to be built in early 2011 and was finished on Oct. 24 of this year, designed by Li Xiaodong, a Chinese designer. In Oct. 2010, Mr. Chen visit Jiaojiehe village to see his friend and became impressed by the surrounding environment, and then the idea of designing and building a library for the village came into form. He chose the building site and many overseas Chinese people donated books to the library.

The essence of the design of the library is the perfect match between the building and nature. If you visit the library, you will see a water surface in front of the site, a water-side passage, pebble-paved paths and hedges made of chopped firewood from the mountain. All these elements make the the library fully merge int the arms of nature. This library has the feel of a simple farmhouse yard with hedges, and so it was finally given the name Liyuan or Hedge Garden.


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