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Why Do We Love Beijing? The Reasons that You Can’t Deny


Have you been tired of busy life? Are you looking forward a poetic life in distance? May be your answer to these questions are yes, but why you still stay in Beijing? The below information may give you an answer.

Because of the Forbidden City. When it snows, the red wall covered with snow makes you feel like you can see the history pass though times.

Because of the Happy Valley. You lost yourself in the laughing and screaming.

Because of the Temple of Heaven. The emperors walked here and worshiped the god just like yesterday.

Because of the Great Wall. Standing on the stone steps and you’ll be amazed by the fantastic crafts skills.

Because of the Ming Tombs. You can feel the harmony between nature and these tombs.

Because of Guozijian. The imperial university which is the holy land for literary lovers.

Because of Jingshan Park. Standing on the top of Jingshan and over look the Forbidden City.

Because of Xiangshan Park. Red leaves in the autumn attract thousands people every year.


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