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Beijing Arts and Crafts Museum reopens after 4 years of renovation


After over four years of renovation, the Beijing Arts and Crafts Museum opened on Dec 21, with a focus on showcasing the city's traditional handicrafts.

A permanent display of antiques with carvings on bones and jade, and made of patterned lacquer ware and in the technique of metalwork decorating called jingtailan, is now part of the museum's collection. Works of modern-day Chinese masters of arts and the crafts are also on show.

The museum was established by Beijing Gongmei Group in an attempt to preserve folk art traditions of the city.

The museum boasts a collection of some 4,000 objects, including works in bamboo, porcelain, bronze and embroidery.

It also shows "State gifts" and artworks for international events held in Beijing, which the group has been assigned to produce over several decades, such as the medals of the Beijing Olympics in 2008 and a decorative silver plate presented as a gift to leaders attending the APEC China summit of 2014.

The museum has employed 28 people to oversee the preservation and offer educational guides for children and teenagers. It is located near the National Gymnasium in the city's Olympic Park area.



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