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Baiyunguan Temple Fair


Baiyunguan Temple Fair has become the most influenced temple fair of Beijing. Located at Xibianmen Wai, Baiyunguan Temple is the biggest Taoist Temple in Beijing.

Established in 793 AD during the Tang dynasty, this is one of Beijing's few Taoist Temples, replete with long-haired monks. Unless you're claustrophobic, visit during the Spring Festival when good-natured worshippers throng the grounds to burn incense and leave prayer tags to the deities. The home of the Chinese Taoist Association and a Taoist clinic with three medically licensed priests and ten herbalists, Baiyunguan Temple is peaceful the rest of the year.

In ancient times, there are many activities such as “Meet Immortals” “Shunxing” “Beat the Hole of Coins” and so on. It is said Qiu Chuji comes to human world to meet fated person so there always many candles and burning.

Time: January 1 - January 15

Tel: 010-63443666

Ticket: 10 RMB


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