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Tu’er Ye


Tu’er Ye is a rabbit god character mentioned in The Investiture of the Gods. He is most associated with worship of the moon. Tu’er Ye is a popular Beijing symbol and a traditional toy in Beijing culture.

Given that background, it’s not hard to guess that Tuye Restaurant specializes in Old Beijing cuisine. Its two Beijing branches are popular on the restaurant review site Dianping with 5-Star ratings from patrons.

The restaurant’s decor is a big selling point. The entrance has a giant Tu’er Ye statue and smaller ones on each table. The interior furnishings are all wood, as is typical of Old Beijing restaurants.

One of the most popular orders at the restaurant is peach blossom shrimp. The crispy fried shrimp have a light taste of peach blossom, which is appealing to many customers.

Peas with braised beef is another popular order. Priced at 58 yuan per dish, customers on Dianping say it is worth the money.

If you want to dine at a Beijing style restaurant and are interested in the stories of Tu’er Ye, it would be hard to recommend a more appropriate venue.



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