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Find out the Old Summer Palace


The old summer palace, also called Yuanmingyuan Park, is the garden for 4 emperors: Yongzhen, Qianlong, Jiaqing, Daoguang and Xianfeng. After 150 years designation, the garden became the most grand and most well-known garden in Chinese history.

The old summer place was a private garden that emperor Kangxi given to his son - Yongzheng. After Yongzheng inheriting the thorn, he expanded the garden as the main garden of emperor.

After emperor Yongzhen took over the garden in 1726, he considered this garden as a place to live. However, he was educated to be a emperor served his people rather than enjoy his life, so he ordered that he built palace halls inside the garden to deal with issues of the country.

Emperor Qianlong, a son of Yongzheng, expanded the garden, too. He built Changchun Garden as an entertainment garden and took some great garden of south China to the old summer palace like Shizi Garden.


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