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Beijing Museum of Tap Water


Built in 2000, The Beijing Museum of Tap Water is built on the original place of the first water plant in Beijing- Zhongzhimen Water Plant. Now the museum has 3 exhibition halls: Difficult Development of Beijing tap water, The history of drink water, and the progress in developing tap water.

The first part is about the difficult development of Beijing tap water cause from the establishment of Jingshi Tap Water Co.Ltd in 1908 to the foundation of the People's Republic of China in 1949.

The second and the third parts center on the rapid progress in developing tap water cause from 1949 to late 1970s and since reform and opening up.

Meantime, by modern technological means, complicated tap water manufacturing techniques, the distribution of underground tap water tunnels and strict monitoring measures on the water quality are presented in front of the visitors who will truly understand that tap water is hard-earned.

Tel: 010-64650787

Ticket: 5 RMB

Address: No. 6 Courtyard Dongzhimen Beixiaojie, Dongcheng district

Transportation: Take Bus No. 44, 106, 107, 117, 123, 800 to Dongzhimen Station.


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