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Snow World Ski Resort of Beijing


Xueshijie Ski Resort of Beijing (北京雪世界滑雪场) is popularly known as Beijing Snow World Ski Resort since "Xueshijie" in Chinese literally means "Snow World" in English. Of all the open ski resorts around Beijing, this ski resort is the nearest ski resort to the city center of Beijing with a half hour's driving time. It is located in the Ming Tombs area in Changping District, about 40km north of downtown Beijing.

Its advantageous location on the golden tourist route linking the Ming Tombs, Juyongguan Great Wall and Badaling Great Wall makes a perfect choice in winter for many tourists from Southeast Asia and Southern China who have little chance to see snow at home. The ski resort also allocates a large portion of land for making two snow playgrounds for playing snow tubes and sledding.

Beijing Snow World Ski Resort (Beijing Xueshijie Ski Resort) is an ideal place to going skiing and play snow designed for tourists, and holidaymakers who are travelling with their kids as well.

Fax: 010-89762272

Add: Xiaogongmen. Shisanling Town, Changping District, Beijing 北京市昌平区十三陵镇小宫门

Business hours: Day Ski: 08:00-17:00

Beijing Snow World Ski Resort (Beijing Xueshijie Ski Resort) has one advanced ski trail of 500m long, one intermediate trail (380m) and 3 beginners trails (380m each).

1.Take Bus 345 zhi (345支) at Deshengmen Bus Terminal, then get off at Zhengfa University (政法大学), then change for Bus 53 at Sunshine Plaza (阳关商厦), get off at Xianguo Leyuan (鲜果乐园), you will see the Snow World Ski Resort 2. Self-drive: Drive along the Badaling Expressway and branch off at Exit 32 (Xiguan 西关), continue to drive north along National Highway 110 for 5km and turn left 800m at Tailing Tomb, you will see the ski resort.



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