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Beijing Huguang Guild Hall


The Huguang Guild Hall was first built in 1807, the grand theatre and ziwu well are all remains of the original buildings, famous actors Tanxinpei, Yu shuyan and Mei lanfang once gave performance in this guild hall, Dr,sun yat-sen presided over the conference of the founding of the KMT in the guild hall in 1912.

The grand theatre is splendid and imposing with an antique flavor. leading Beijing operastars often give performances here, it is very cheerful to enjoy the opera, while sipping teain the theatre. wenchang pavilion is now an exhibition hall of the beijing theatrical museum. Huguang guide hall restaurant has a style of its own. visitors can enjoy dishes with beijing flavor, which is a part of the traditional the eatrical culture, your persence is cordially requested.

Address: 3 Hufang Lu, Xicheng District, Beijing

Phone: 0086 13801067568



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