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Beijing Museum for the Exchange of Cultural Relics


Located inside the Zhihua Temple, the Beijing Museum for the Exchange of Cultural Relics was converted from the former Zhihua Temple Cultural Relics Preservation Office in 1992. Its aim is to collect information and data about museums in Beijing, in China and even throughout the world, and to display the current conditions of all the museums in the Beijing region.

Zhihua Temple has five courtyards, including Bell and Drum Tower, Zhihua Gate, Zhihua Hall, Buddha Hall and Dabei Hall. All the roofs are built with black glazed tiles, so the whole temple is solemn and magnificent, with unique style different from other temples in Beijing.

Zhihua Temple is rich in collection of cultural relics include over 1,500 artifacts. There is a large fresco in the temple with 4.8 meter long and 3.1 meter high, showing a scene of a sermon by the Kshitigarbha Buddha, is a priceless mural dated from the Ming Dynasty.

Address: No. 5 Lumicang, Dongcheng District, Beijing

Bus Route: Take Bus No. 2 (special), 44, 750, 800 to Yabaolu stop or 24 to Lumicang stop.

Self-drive Route: from Jinbao Street of the east second round to the west for 100m until Xiaopaiifang lane, then to the north for 100m until the second lane entrance.

Admission Fee: 20 Yuan; 10 Yuan for students.


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