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Huguo Temple


Built in Yuan Dynasty, Huguo Temple is one of the eight temples in Beijing. It was formerly the mansion of Tuo Ketuo, prime minister of Yuan Dynasty, named Chongguo Temple. In the 4th year (1429) of Emperor Xuande of Ming Dynasty, it was renamed Dalongshan Temple. It was given the name of Dalongshan Huguo Temple in the 8th year (1472) of Emperor Chenghua. In the 61th year (1722) of Emperor Kangxi, it was repaired by Beile (a rank of the Manchu nobility below that of the Prince) of Mongolia, and named Huguo Temple or West Temple, echos the Longfu Temple (East Temple).

Its main buildings include Vajrasana Hall, Tianwang Hall, Yanshou Hall, Chongshou Hall, Three Immortals Hall and Thousand Buddha Hall, and Jingming Hall. In the late Qing Dyansty, these buildings were almost all burned down in a conflagration, leaving only Vajrasana Hall and several side rooms untouched.

Huguo Temple is famous for its temple fair and snacks. The temple fair has a long history with more than 300 years. There are more than hundreds of snacks includes sweet dumplings, glutinous rice ball, sesame cakes, pea cakes etc.

Ticket Price: Free

Address: Huguosi Street, Xicheng District

How to get there: Bus No.105, 201, 24, 313, 40, 81, 312, 53, 67 and 85


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