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Shaanxi Lane


Shaanxi Lane (Shaanxi Xiang) is located in Dashilan Community of Xicheng District. It ranges from Zhushikou West Street in south to Tieshu Xiejie in north, with total 500 meters long.

To the east of Shaanxi Hutong, lies an alley named Stone stretching from north to south. This alley has lasted for hundreds of years. It got its name because the building stones used to build the city wall in the Ming Dynasty were stored here.

In the old time, there were restaurants, bathhouses, drugstores, theaters, teahouses or brothels. But now, they serve as residences or hotels. Those upstarts from the Senate, House of Representatives and Imperial University of Peking often visited here, such as Yuan Kewen, the second son of Yuan Shikai, Yangdu, Cai Er, governor of Yunnan Province, Yi Changheng, governor of Sichuan Province.

Ticket: Free

Address: Dashilan Community, Xicheng District

How to get there: Take Bus No.2, 120 and get off at Dashilan, then walk 600 meters to the destination.


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