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Shunyi Park


Shunyi Park is so far the largest and most equipped synthesis park in Shunyi District, and was approved as the first level park in the evaluation activity over Beijing’s parks in 2002. Constructed in 1990, Shunyi Park covers 24.33 hectares of lands, among which the water area is 4.3 hectares, the green coverage rate is 83.41%, and the forestation rate reaches to 72.33%.

In 2001, the park was transformed to enlarge the activity space, enrich the sightseeing content, enhance the grade of landscape, and highlight its cultural connotation. The park is added with spraying irrigation, illumination, sound, broadcast systems, and equipped with violet garden, crabapple garden, peach blossom garden, bamboo garden, and some gardens of other plants. In addition, the garden also increases some cultural spots of poem garden, chess room, and stele forest, and is installed with equipment of water screen film, as well as introduces and renews facilities for children.

Ticket: Free

Address: No.26 Guangming Nanjie, Shunyi District

How to get there: Take Bus No. 915 to get there


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