Dongyue Temple in Winter


Dongyyue Temple also called Beijing Folklore Museum. It is a Taoist temple that built built in 1319 during the Yuan Dynasty. Dongyue Temple is a Taoist temple that located at Chaowai Area, Chaoyang District.

This ancient temple is one of the largest temples of Taoism in northern China. It is the shrine of the God of Mount Tai (one of the Five Great Mountains in China). Having stood for almost 700 years, Dongyue Temple is considered a perfect example of magnificence and grandeur. Its long history demonstrates its value, especially as the Beijing Folklore Museum is also located within the temple complex. Nowadays, it is protected as a National Key Cultural Relics Unit. The cultural relics of Yuan Dynasty displayed in this museum are greatly appreciated by visitors.

There are many temple halls inside Dongyue Temple that you can find many immortals that you have never heard of. Most of them are immortals of Yin world, the ghost world in Chinese. Taoists believed that evil people would be punished after their death. In other words, some of the statues in the temple are really scary.

As a Folklore Museum, there always exhibitions at the back yard of the temple and now it is an exhibition of 12 Zodiacs.

Ticket: 10 RMB

Address: No. 141 Chaowai Street, Chaoyang District

Opening hours: 8:30 - 16:30

Transportation: Take Subway Line 6 to Chaoyangmen Station and then walk to the temple


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