Ming Dynasty Wall Relics Park


Ming Dynasty Wall Relics Park is located in the center area of Beijing. It ranges from Southeastern Corner Tower in east and to Chongwenmen Gate in west. The park covers an area of 15.5 hectares, including 3.3 hectares of city wall site and southeastern corner tower and 12.2 hectares of green area.

The Ming Dynasty Wall was built in 1419, over 580 years ago, or the 17th year of Emperor Yongle's reign in the Ming Dynasty. The remaining relic, about 1.5 kilometers long, was used to be part of the inner city wall of Beijing. It is the longest section of the city wall remains in the city, and an important symbol of Beijing.

Adopting the succinct design technique, the park highlighted the beauty of defective of the wall. When strolling in the park, you will experience the ebb and flow of the nation through the primitive ruin walls and dignified turret. The historic attractions in the park such as “Ancient Trees and Ming Dynasty Wall”, “Stroll of the Ruin Walls”, “ Ancient Building and New Rhyme” display the profound cultural accumulation of Dongcheng District, leaving people infinite daydream.

Admission: 10 RMB

Bus Route: Take bus No. 41, 43, 44, 59, 610, 713 or 820 to Dongbianmen Stop

Subway: Subway Line 2 or 5 to Chongwenmen Station


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