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Baicaowa National Forest Park: A Golden Wonderland


Baicaowa National Forest Park, one forest formed by nature, is the most well-preserved natural forest in North China. The park had take much effort to built “the Most Special Hiking Mountain Park of the North China” and has hold the “Hiking Contest”successfully.

The golden autumn here, with colorful forest covers the whole mountain, this place will give you an express that you have never experienced before. What you need to know is that the mountain is closed from Oct 20 to May 1 of next year. So if you wants to have a look at this park, you have to wait until the next year.

The Baicaowa National Forest Park is about 170 km from the capital Beijing. With Jingcheng Expressway passed at the foot of the mountain, it enjoys a convenient transportation. The nearest Hongshila exit of the Jingcheng Expressway to the park is just 3 KM away.

Located to the southeast to Luanping County, Chengde City, Baicaowa National Forest Park has a nick name “Four Seas Organism Park” which include sea of trees, sea of grass, sea of stones and sea of clouds. Covering an area of 54 square kilometers, the park has viewing areas more than 10 square kilometers. The highest peak of the park is 1,768 meters and the average altitude of the park is 1,188 meters.


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