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Safety Tips for Travel During Rainy Days


The rainy season of Beijing is here so the following are some safety tips for visitors who plan to travel during rainy days:

1 Stay updated with the news of the weather by watching TV, viewing videos, or checking on your phones. Make sure the destinations are safe to travel under the air condition.

2 Avoid camping at places where there are potential risks such as banks of lakes, rivers; the foots of mountains and so on.

3 Do not wade into the water that you are not familiar with.

4 Avoid the areas that are not open to visitors and obey the arrangements of the officials in the scenic spots.

5 Learn some basic knowledge about lightning precautions. Keep away from the iron fence or other metal objects when the is lightning. Do not stand under a tree and keep yourself down when you are in a desolate area.

6 Take some medicine with you.

7 Avoid taking pictures at some steep and slippery places.

8 When you are in a dangerous situation, try your best to stay calm and do not walk alone.


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