Fuxue Hutong


Belonging to Jiaozhongfang, Fuxue Hutong was named after the Shuntianfu School, formerly the Baoen Temple in the Ming Dynasty with more than 700 years.

West to Jiaodaokou South Main Street, connects with Zhongjianzi Lane in south, Beijianzi Laneand Wenchengxiang Hutong in northm, Fuxue Hutong is about 500 to 600 meters. Fuxue Hutong was the home to academic institution for scholars in Ming and Qing Dynasty. The School Palace and Temple of Confucius lies on its west, Memorial Temple to Prime Minister Wen to the east, and farther east is Wenchang Temple. Yuxianfang was built on the both sides of the Fuxue, now it exits some of the palaces.

Fuxue Hutong is a vital lane in Dongcheng District that preserved many traces of cultural relics. The former site of Shuntianfu School was the address of a primary school; the south side across the road was the former site of “Tianchun Garden” the maternal home of Tian Xiuying (the senior concubine of Emperor Chongzhen), now it serves as Beijing Municipal Administration of Cultural Heritage.

How to get there: Take Bus No. 2, 104, 108, 113 and get off at Beibingmasi Station or take Subway Line 4 and get off at Zhangzizhong Station


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