There is a New Air Appreciating Tour for the Peach Blossom Festival in Pinggu District


Today, Pinggu holds its 18th International Peach Blossom Concert opening ceremony and the concert will last 2 months. Visitors can enjoy the peach blossom from a bird’s-eye view by taking tour-plane.

As introduced, the best period to appreciate peach blossoms is from April 10 to April 22. Some flowers in the front of mountains show their face a little earlier which means citizens can appreciate peach blooming from April 8. There are many places to enjoy peach blossom in Pinggu District such as Taohuayuan, Taohuashan Mountain, Taohuahai, Taohuagu and Taohuadadao Road.

To provide tourists with a much more enjoyable tour, Pinggu District has built a “Flower-airline” though which visitors can see the panorama of these flowering mountains. The lowest price of the “flower-airline” is RMB 498 of 15 minutes. Visitors can choose different routes and flying periods.

It used to be only one exit of Jingping Expressway to appreciate peach blooming here for visitors come from downtown Beijing.” said Wu Lianjiang, vice director of Pinggu District, “But we have three exits now. Tourists can choose Misanlan Exit, Cuixing Lukou Exit or Xiagezhuang Exit.”


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