Yunju Temple Invite you to Celebrate the Lantern Festival Together


The fifteenth day of the first month of lunar year is called Lantern Festival because the lunar January is the first month of lunar calendar and the ancients knew the night as "Xiao". As it is the first night that spring returns to the earth as well as the continuation of the New Year’s celebration that symbolize the reunions of family, people celebrate it in many ways as enjoying views of the moon outdoors, lighting lanterns, shooting off fireworks, guessing lantern riddles and eating Yuanxiao etc.

In this happy and reunion day, combined with the characteristics of traditional folk culture and scenic spot, Yunju Temple will launch series of cultural activities as free eating of Yuanxiao, riddle guessing on February 22 in 2016 to celebrate the Lantern Festival. On that day, dining rooms will be arranged, tables and chairs will be prepared by the management office to welcome tourists to taste Yuanxiao for free.

After taste the delicious Yuanxiao, you can participate in funny riddle guessing. If your answer is correct, you can get a little red lantern from the ticket office window. And you can write some greetings on it and hang it on the pray area set in the hall to pray for the New Year.

Opening Hours: Summer: 8:30—16:30;Winter: 9:00—16:00

Self-driving Route:

1. Drive along Gangao Expressway and exit from Liuli River, and then arrive Yunju Temple through Hancunhe and Changgou.

2. Drive along Jingkun Expressway and leave from Yunju Temple Exit, then drive westward for 4 miles to Yunju Temple.

Address: Yunjun Temple, South of Shuitou Village, Dashiwo Town, Fangshan District

Tel: 61389612\61389999


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