Tianmo Desert


Tianmo Desert is a 200 acre desert, about 90 kilometers away from Beijing and has two sand dunes that cover about 85 acres. You can also see the Guanting Reservoir. You can climb the dunes and go for rides on horseback.

The Tianmo Film and Television Base is located here too, using this small desert area to conveniently shoot desert scenes for movies. So you may see a movie being shot in the location. A fun thing people do is sand ski. Outfitters will give you proper sand skis to use to slide down the hill.

The Tianmo Desert is located in the Longbao Mountain area in Huailai County. It is 214 acres in area, and Tianmo Desert has a combination of mountain scenery, a reservoir and sand dunes that presents a rugged refresher from Beijing city life. You can slide down the sand dunes and see the scenery from the top of them. There are old rammed earth beacon towers that date from about 300 BC. Traditional Chinese opera is staged for entertainment. Some people go for animal rides.

TransportationTrain: There are trains that go to Guanting Railway Station. From there, you can catch a taxi for an hour and a half journey to the dunes.Admission: 20 RMB

Source: chinahighlights.com


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