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Communication University of China Media Museum is the first set of "Heritage Collection show, creative product development, practical teaching and research, culture, leisure and entertainment," four in one integrated media class museum. As Communication University of China "brand image projects, cultural connotation engineering , features enhance the project" Media Museum in rich culture media colleges, universities increased culture, shaping the campus culture, services, capital, construction of spiritual civilization and cultural life of the community, etc. who play an important role.

2013 Media Museum completed more than 160 domestic and international organizations, as well as ten thousand people visited FIT reception tasks. Museum volunteer docent media which play an important role in explaining the services they provide visitors won praise at home and abroad , but also through training and volunteer instructors to explain the events actually increased knowledge , improved ability to enhance self-confidence, self- shows for individuals into the community to go to work and laid a good foundation.

China Media Museum, covering various fields of media, is supported by the cultural background in Beijing, the academic basis of Communication University of China and many talented persons. It’s the first comprehensive media museum with diverse and attractive dissemination patterns, including history, accomplishments and characteristics of CUC. Contributing to the construction of the university as a predominant one in the world, it has great significance to cultivate talented persons and promote cooperation among scientific research, education and production. It helps to develop the campus culture as well. What’s more, it carries forward Beijing spirit, and helps to build Beijing as the national cultural center. By boosting the local cohesive media culture and its power of spreading, this museum will certainly become a new cultural landmark in Beijing.

The standing committee of school CPC party committee approved to establish China Media Museum at a division level in November in 2009. In April of 2010, all the preparation work had officially begun while the construction office formed. China Media Museum is planned to have an area of about 100 thousand square meters and 10 branches including the transmission branch, the radio branch, the TV branch, the movie branch, the advertising branch, the printing branch, the animation branch, the oral history branch, the media education branch and the experiencing branch.

The China Media Museum plays an important role both in the preservation of cultural relics and in the exploration and display of history and culture. It will be creative and active in the cultural products development, serve teaching and researching, and rich the public cultural life. Audience can observe from different perspectives, learn knowledge about media and know about changes in media history. From this perspective, the museum is both professional and interesting.

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