Watermelon Picking at Lvyuan Yijing Agricultural Park


Beijing Lvyuan Yijing Agriculture Development Co., Ltd., located north of Wanggezhuang Village, Weishanzhuang Town, Daxing District, covers an area of 950 mu, which contains industry and sightseeing parks. It is a functioning zone combined with production, sales, services and scientific research as well as a service center combined with sightseeing, entertainment, picking, catering, accommodation, fishing, training, etc. What’s more, it owns a large-scale wedding plaza which is capable of holding 1,000 people. Since its establishment, the park has always focused on agricultural culture by bringing in new fruits and vegetables as well as developing modern agriculture industry.

Address: 200 meters north of Wanggezhuang Village Commission, Weishanzhuang Town, Daxing District, Beijing

Hotline: 8920121189203666


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