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Gubeikou Great Wall


Located 128 km away from to downtown Beijing,Gubeikou Great Wallstretches a total length of 21 km, built in 1368 and expanded in 1567 by Qi Jiguang, one of the most renowned anti-Japanese warriors during the Ming Dynasty.

Gubeikou section meanders through mountains 400 to 900 meters high. Unlike other sections, it varies in width, with the widest part able to accommodate 5 horses walking abreast and the narrowest spot allowing only a single person to pass. A road leading to the section of the wall hs been built for tourist. Many cultural relics have been discovered in the preliminary digging, including arrows, bamboo guns, stone mills and knives. they are exhibited as part of the tourist attraction.

Opening Hours: 8:30 am – 5:00 pm Daily

Ticket Price: 50 RMB/adult; 30 RMB/child

Address: Miyun County, Beijing


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