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Deshengmen Bus Station


Located nearby Deshengmen is a public transportation hub located on the northern 2nd Rind Road of Beijing. This is the terminus for many buses with routes running within Beijing and long-distance routes going to scenic spots like the Great Wall. We’ll talk about Deshengmen Bus Station more below.

Getting to the Deshengmen Bus Station is easy. It’s located near the Jishuitan station of Beijing Subway Line 2. When taking the subway, get off at Jishuitan Station’s Exit A. You will continue east towards the Deshengmen Arrow Tower.

A popular bus route is Bus No. 877, which takes you from Deshengmen to Badaling Great Wall. The walk from Exit A of Subway Line 2’s Jiushuitan Station is about a 450-meter walk, which requires you to walk a little further past the Deshenmen Bus Station to an area where Bus No. 877 is located. This is a non-stop bus ride that operates from 6:00 to around 12:00.

Other buses will originate from this bus depot, so it’s advised to come here if you want to take a seat to a destination far away. While in the area, you can take in the surroundings that used to be the city wall, now replaced by the 2nd Ring Road. At least there is still the Deshengmen Arrow Tower that still remains.


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