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Imperial City Wall Relics Park


Imperial City Wall Relics Park—the largest central garden in Beijing, is located close to the Forbidden City andWangfujingPedestrian Street. The park is also known as Huangchenggen Relics Park (皇城根遗址公园). Built in 2001, the park stretches from East Changan Avenue in the south to Pingan Avenue in the north, 2.4 kilometers in length. The park is only 29 meters wide. Within the park, there are 40,000 square meters of lawn, 44,000 square meters of bushes and 78 varieties if various kinds of plants.

The park is an outdoor museum which shows the ancient history and is visited by people. In the center of the garden, there is a garden scenic spot with the theme of the courtyard in ancient Beijing. Taking advantage of terrain, the garden built 10 fold-springs. The 6 sculptures and 3 embossments in the garden show the unique human environment and cultural vein of ancient Beijing.

With the theme of green and humanity, the park reflects the development of history and progress of culture through many ways such as shaping the four season views, recovering a small section of the city wall, showing the base of the imperial city wall and the ornaments on the sculptures. In a flourishing city, the park has built a fresh elegant and modern city environment.

Inside the park, tourists can also encounter seven human landscapes. After all, Imperial City Wall Relics Park is a very wonderful park to visit. When you have visited the Forbidden City and experienced the flourishing commercial atmosphere of Wangfujing Commercial Street, you may come and visit this park for a good rest.

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Address: South of the Intersection Between Beiheyan Street and Dianmen East Street 北河沿大街与地安门东大街交叉口南


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