WiFi in Beijing Capital International Airport


Q:Can we use the wireless network in Beijing Capital International Airport?

Answer: yes.

Mobile Phone Users:

Step1: Connect to wireless network

Please connect the SSID: “AIRPORT-FREE-WiFi” on your mobilephone, then open any webpage through the browser.

Step2: Get free username and password

For first time login, please input your mobilephone number then click “Get Free Account ”, you will receive a SMS in seconds (please note:This service is only for mainland mobile phone numbers). Then type in username and password received from the SMS, and click the “log in” button to connect to internet. If you login for the second time, please input your username and password, then click the “login” button

Laptop Users(for windows)

Step 1: Turn on the wireless network function

Left-click the network icon at the right bottom,choose “Open Network and Sharing Center”;Click “Change adapter settings” on the left panel, and then right click to enable wireless network connection on the pop up window.

Step 2: Connect to WiFi and pass the authentication process.

1. Connect to SSID:“AIRPOR-FREE-WiFi”;

2. When you open any web page,the portal page will pop up.

3. Click “Get Account” (The above “○”), then type in your mobile phone number on the “Free Account” page, click“Get Free Account” button (please note: This service is only for mainland mobile phone numbers), you’ll get the username and password through the SMS in seconds.

4. The username will be automatically generated , then input the password received in the SMS,click “I agree to WiFi Terms”,then click “Sign in” to connect internet.

Passport Users:

Step1: Open your passport with identity information page down

Step2: Place your passport into scanning port

Step3: Click “scan” button on screen

Step4: Print username and password

Kindly Reminder:

1. If you can't get WiFi username and password through mobilephone, you can get it at self-service Terminals near the information desk by using your second generation ID card or passport.

2. Passengers from Hong Kong / Macao / Taiwan could ask for account at the specified information desks.The specified information desks: near Gate No.12 in T2; the center of 4th floor in T3C; after the security check points in T3E.

3. If you get the username and password though mobilephone message, please close the message filter function in your phone.

4. If you are a “Boingo” user, you can also connect to internet through “Boingo”hotspot directly.

5. Your account is available within 5 hours when you got it.

WIFI service hotline: 400-003-5060


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