China National Tennis Center


Located in the Olympic Park, the China National Tennis Center, with the total construction area of 26,514 square meters, consists of 17 segments of competition courts. As the court to stage final matches, the new venue can accommodate 15,000 spectators. Lotus Court, Moon Court and No. 1 Court can accommodate 10,000, 4,000 and 2,000 spectators respectively. No. 2 terrace includes eight fields for qualifications and six additional fields for exercise.

The China National Tennis Center venues primarily adopts such high-tech technologies as the combination of advanced mechanical ventilation and natural ventilation on the court, comprehensive communications ranging from wired to wireless networks and from general functional mobile phones to broadband network businesses, two-way cable TV networks, safe-guarding system of data network, solar photovoltaic power generation and smart lighting control.

To reduce the high temperature of the surface on the competition court in summer, the China National Tennis Center took the initiative in introducing the natural ventilation design concept to the tennis courts, which can effectively reduce the temperature of the court surface by around 5 degrees Celsius.

Outting the courts with retractable roofs, the China National Tennis Center represents the highest level in the construction of comprehensive tennis venues in Asia, which will bring spectators a superior watching experience.

The newly built Centre Court will upgrade spectators’ match-watching experience in an all-round manner. Located in the China National Tennis, the new Centre Court, north of the Fifth Ring road, west to Lincui Road, and south and east to Olympic Forest Park, occupies an area of 24,000 square meters and boasts a construction area of 51,199 square meters, which can accommodate 15,000 spectators.

The new venue of the China Open take full advantage of terrains to inherit the existing planning and design and 3D-Traffic concept of the China National Tennis Center. Spectators can enter the venue via the terrace on the second floor, and staff, guests and players can directly enter the venue from under the terrace, avoiding traffic and ensuring the comfort of interior space.

The perfect combination of the 16-group V-shape combined supporting stands and maintenance systems surrounding the construction, facades and structural V-shape system eliminates additional tedious decorations, significantly highlighting the massiveness of the construction with a concise and bright style. Seen from afar, the Centre Court looks like a flower bud or a shining diamond, echoing with the Lotus Court.

For many tennis fans, the retractable roof of the new Central Court is the focus of attention, which will undoubtedly become a beautiful landscape in the China Open.

Address: No. 2 Lincui Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing


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